Our Story

What started as a wild idea in a pub one night in 2017 between two friends has grown to a two-state, six bus operation by 2020. With Bonitz Transport's recent acquisition of Bus Bros Tour Co., we are now able to provide our customary brewery and wine tours in addition to shuttling and party buses for up to 40 people.  

You won't find an experience quite like us anywhere. We invite you to, Drink the best and we'll do the rest!



Ben Bonitz

Hometown: Strum, WI

Founded The Buzzed Bus in 2017

Fun Fact: I have an auction addiction! 



Brandon Dawson

Hometown: Neilsville, WI

Why Drive: I like providing a safe and fun way for our guests to enjoy all that our local vendors have to offer. 


Tour Manager & La Crosse Driver

Alyssa Gostonczik

Hometown: Spooner, WI

Favorite Wine: Vernon Vineyards - Juliet, hands down I buy it by the case

Bro Status: 5th year driver


Eau Claire Driver

Lori Dawson

Hometown: Neillsville, WI

Why I Drive: I love to see people have a good time and be safe. I will always make sure you are entertained on my party bus. 

Bro Status: 1st year driver